Reduce Your Stinking Thinking

3 Proven Secrets to Reducing Your Stinking Thinking

To foster decision making, creativity and innovation, it is essential to be a critical thinker. Critical thinkers understand the big picture (systems thinking) as well as the details.  They bring system thinking, logical thinking and creative thinking to bear on any situation.  They question information, conclusions and points of view. They strive to be clear, precise and relevant. They seek to think beneath the surface, to be logical and fair. This course provides a practical framework for understanding critical thinking and provides strategies for developing critical thinking in all business and technical arenas.

During this session, you will hear concepts which can dramatically improve your thinking to help you to consciously make faster and well thought out decisions.

Additionally, you will:

- Understand a practical framework for developing solid critical thinking skills.

- Realize the fallacies and consequences of stinking thinking

- Identify the three main kinds of thinkers

- Know how to identify and solve the right problems and opportunities with problem-solving and appreciative inquiry model


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