•	Be Unstoppable! Create Extraordinary Courageous Leadership Success

Become a Project Hero

Become A Project Hero

How confident are you that you have the knowledge and the courage it takes to be successful in work and in life? 

In “Become A Project Hero", you will learn about the INSPIRE model of 7 core principles to extraordinary leadership and success. This model is a proven model of innovation designed to authentically challenge individuals and their teams to become their very best and call them forth into new frontiers of growth and success never thought possible. This course is a unique blend of techniques from project management, business analysis and coaching that support leaders and their teams to achieve peak performance to create extraordinarily successful projects and programs. 


  • Determine you and your team’s definition of success

  • Expand your success statement to imagine additional capabilities to create extraordinary success.

  • Produce goals and objectives that aligns with your definition of extraordinary success.

  • Identify your comfort zone actions and counteractions.

  • Choose dream team members to support your success.

  • Explore and evaluate your experiences with fear and courage.

  • Identify specific investments will you make for your self-development

  • Understand how to take action to Embrace Powerful Intuitive Change


Managers, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Consultants


Reflect: Year in Review: Defining Your Success 

Introduce INSPIRE Model: 7 Steps to Creating Sustainable Extraordinary Success

I - Imagine Everything: Clarity, creativity and critical thinking

N - Notice the Now: Go from Unconscious to Conscious

S - Synergy of Energy: Build your “Dream Team”

P - Plan for Gain and Pain: Paradigm Shift

I - Invest in Yourself and Your Team: Education, Training, Coaching 

R - Roar Ahead with EPIC Actions: Be Courageous, Be Vulnerable, Be Authentic

E - Expect change: Continuously Assess, Measure, and Adjust