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Dayle helped our organization move our projects forward. Not only did she contribute but also coached and mentored others on the team. Thanks Dayle!
— Stan Van Nice - CEO MicroTrain Technologies
I am honored to say that I had the privilege to work with a career coach, Dayle Beyer this summer. She has been a key factor in the success that I have had recently with transitioning into a new industry and establishing a career vision.

It is my recommendation that Dayle has an exceptional and unique ability to help people focus and find their way. She is thorough, energetic and highly intelligent as a coach and instructor at Micro Train Technologies.

I am sure anyone who has the pleasure to be in her presence will be infected with the desire to be productive, fruitful and multiply abundance in their life. Dayle, thank you for speaking words of power that produced results in my life already, amazing coaching session!
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
— Christine I. Perez


We know that the “perfect world” we were trained to work in doesn’t exist. Each company has its own challenges and expectations, and we can show you how to apply the skill set to your environment. Our approach to implementing a sustainable coaching strategy consists of developing a baseline of knowledge for our senior subject matter experts to develop a query for a gap analysis. Our expert team uses the analysis and works with the “coachee(s)” to develop an improvement plan. As each session passes the team works on strategies for implementing their improvement goals. We offer interactive individual and group coaching sessions including topics such as:

  • Coaching through a merger/acquisition

  • Fostering Collaboration up, Down, Across and Outside the Organization

  • Time Management

  • Building Effective High-Performance Teams

  • Agile Coaching

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Job Transition

Dayle was an excellent coach and guide and helped me build a strong foundation and action plan to success. Her top qualities are: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
— Mike Mitchell | Sales Executive Follett Software
I had specific goals when I first started coaching with Dayle. Within 2 weeks things dramatically changed in my personal life and I was on a rollercoaster of emotions and hardship. Dayle helped me on both personal and professional levels and never once gave up on me. I achieved the goals stated but what she helped me with, I will take with me throughout my life. For that, I am eternally grateful.
— Christabel Mo Kyaw | Project Manager | Sales Strategy and Operational Performance | Kaiser Permanente
All of my goals were achieved and answers provided to the many questions I had regarding project management. Dayle was a great source of information. She provided valuable insight and seemed to answer my questions in an effortless manner. She is a very good mentor and made things easier for me. The information I received was valuable, but more so the greatest thing I’m taking away from the sessions is a desire to mirror her approach in resolving questions and project issues.
— Debra Hayes | Program Manager | BMC Software

This intensive training program will give you the confidence, competence and courage to invest your power, influence and creative potential so that you can transform lives.

C – Contribution – Do you want to uncover how you uniquely serve others in significant way.

O – Outstanding – Have you been playing small and are now ready to take a bigger bite of the world?

U – You – Do you want to take a deeper dive into marketing/business development to help you to create a successful business?

R – Relationships – Are you looking to build stronger relationships with like-minded professionals and gain new connections? 

A – Awareness – Are you wanting clarity and direction about your strengths, gifts and unique brilliance?

G – Growth – Are you looking for a structured coaching program that will give you the coaching knowledge and practice you need to take your gifts and talents out into the world in a bigger way?

E – Energized, alive & engaged – Do you want to have fun while you learn and grow?



Skills Assessments

We offer assessments built on industry standards, various bodies of knowledge, best practices and/or internal performance metrics such as:

  • Business Analysis Competencies Assessment

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Organizational Culture Assessment Instruments

  • Leadership Assessments