Conflict Resolution

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Conflict Resolution: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

In today’s fast paced and demanding world, misunderstandings and conflict can be detrimental to your work, relationships and quality of life. This workshop is designed to uncover and effectively deal with the root cause of personal and interpersonal issues that are part of your everyday business and personal environment.

During this workshop, you will gain working knowledge of conflict resolution and a mechanism for diagnosing and resolving problem situations. You will be provided tools, tips and suggestions to help you identify your conflict management and resolution styles. These skills can be used for dealing with people in one-to-one situations as well as a group or team setting. You will understand more about your personal style and better understand other’s styles regarding conflict resolution.

Additionally, you will:

  • Define the term "conflict" and discuss the views, levels and types of conflict

  • Discuss causes of conflict and understand the positive and negative aspects of conflict

  • Understand the 5 conflict management styles and when to use each

  • Understand relationship awareness theory and the 7 motivation orientations

  • Identify the characteristics of good problem solvers

  • Learn how to assess and manage people and situations beyond the conflict situation

  • Understand conflict management theory to aid in producing effective outcomes

  • Identify the difference between various conflict management approaches

  • Develop an appropriate conflict resolution strategy

  • Use conflict management skills to create win-win solutions

  • Understand how to plan desired outcomes before conflicts arise


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