Courageous Leadership Course Graduates

Courageous Leadership Course Graduates

Success requires more than technical skills. The “hard” part of our jobs is the “soft” stuff.

Every day we need to build and maintain trust, resolve conflict, solve problems, and influence outcomes while achieving business goals to move forward and add value to the organization. Our Leadership and Influencing skills courses will help you to:

  • Understand and analyze business problems, and recommend and “sell” solutions that will solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity.
  • Employ various facilitation techniques to help build teams, elicit requirements, resolve conflict, and identify and solve problems.
  • Build trust and communicate more effectively.
  • Help guide your organization through difficult, but needed, changes.
  • Effectively handle challenging situations with your customer, team members, vendors, and sponsors.

Business professionals rarely have control over all of the people they depend on to deliver the results expected of them. To improve your ability to influence without authority, our training will help in all of these areas:

Our influencing skills courses include:

Business Case Training

Influence good business decisions by analyzing and creating a solid business case. Learn a 5-step repeatable process for assembling a bulletproof business case.

Conflict Management

Influence stakeholders by learning how to resolve conflicts among them. Gain insight into how to better manage one's own emotions and relationships with others to be prepared for complex and difficult conflict situations.

Consulting Skills

Influence stakeholders by developing the the ability to understand and analyze business problems, break down a problem into manageable pieces, and “sell” solutions that will adequately solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity.

Critical Thinking Skills

Become a critical thinker who questions information, conclusions and points of view; strives to be clear, precise and relevant; and thinks beneath the surface.

Eliciting Business Requirements

Learn how to identify business problems and link requirements to business objectives in order to solve business problems and set project scope.

Facilitation Skills Workshop

Become an influential facilitator by learning how to empower your group to capitalize upon their own latent capabilities and knowledge in the search for optimum solutions and consensus.

Influencing Without Authority

Learn the skills, tips, and tricks of successful influencers so you can influence even when you don't have the authority.

Organizational Change Management

Develop the tools and a practical, rapid methodology for transforming an organization at 3 levels: Individual, Team, and Organization.

Project R.E.A.L. Live Simulation

Learn how to lead your team and make the tough decisions in moments of difficulty through this hands-on, realistic project experience conducted in a dynamic, fast-paced, and safe environment.

Recovering Troubled Projects

Learn techniques to recover existing projects and to understand the early warning indicators that a project is heading in the wrong direction.

Virtual Teams Training

Develop skills and learn techniques to work effectively with teams in which team members have little or no face-to-face communication.



PREVIEW: Be Unstoppable! Create Extraordinary Courageous Leadership Success: In this 1 hour webinar, you will gain an overview of how to live the INSPIRE model of 7 core principles to creating Extraordinary Courageous Leadership Success. This model is a proven model of innovation designed to authentically challenge individuals and their teams to become their very best and call them forth into new frontiers of growth and success never thought possible.

Creating Extraordinary Courageous Leadership Success - 1 Day Course

In-person class – 1 day – 7 training hours/PDUs/CDUs

This 1 day course is perfect for people who are looking to gain the confidence, competence and courage to invest your power, influence and creative potential so that you can lead the way towards extraordinary success.

In this interactive session, you will gain in-depth knowledge about using the INSPIRE model which is a powerful road-map and provides 7 core principles to creating extraordinary courageous leadership success. The INSPIRE Model is a proven model of innovation designed to authentically challenge individuals and their teams to become their very best and call them forth into new frontiers of growth and extraordinary success never thought possible.

This model is a unique blend of techniques from project management, business analysis and co-active coaching that support leaders and their teams to achieve peak performance in order to create extraordinarily successful projects and programs. Courageous Leaders achieve more, reduce poor decisions which wastes time and money spent, and create consistent results, even in a changing environments, all with less stress.




Course Objectives:

·         Determine you and your team’s definition of success

·         Expand your success statement to imagine additional capabilities to create extraordinary success.

·         Produce goals and objectives that aligns with your definition of extraordinary success.

·         Identify your comfort zone actions and counteractions.

·         Choose dream team members to support your success.

·         Explore and evaluate your experiences with fear and courage.

·         Identify specific investments will you make for your self-development in 2015

·         Understand how to take action to Embrace Powerful Intuitive Change

Skill Level:



Team leaders and members who are looking to successfully manage and lead change initiatives.


To help assimilate the tools and techniques learned, there is a mixture of individual and team exercises throughout the course. Students can expect a high-level of participation. Each student will receive a comprehensive student guide.

What is YOUR personal definition of success?

          Success Definition Examples


          Goals vs. Objectives

          What is extraordinary project success?

INSPIRE Model: 7 Principles To Creating Sustainable Extraordinary Success

1. Imagine Everything

          Imagine Everything (IE) Goal Related Objectives

2. Notice the Now

          Go from Unconscious to Conscious: Four Levels of Learning

          HELP Comfort Zones

          Exercise: Comfort Zone

3. Synergy of Energy

“If you do not seek out allies and helpers then you will be isolated and weak”– Sun Tzu

4. Plan for Gain and Pain

5. Invest in Yourself & Your Team

          Courageous Leadership: A courageous leader offers their unique strengths, vulnerability and authenticity which in turn empowers others to do the meaningful work they are destined to do in order to achieve a lasting legacy of extraordinarily successful results.

          COURAGE Leadership Coach Approach

6. Roar Ahead with Epic Action

          6 Attributes of Courage

          Courage-Building Exercises

7. Expect Change

INSPIRE Model Summary

          Imagine Everything: Raise your standards. Expect extraordinary success every time.

          Notice the Now: Find creative ways to stay out of the HELP Zones.

          Synergy of Energy: Courageous Leaders create “HOT Dream Teams” with clearly defined roles, responsibilities and accountability for you and your dream team members. Plus define team success criteria and value propositions synchronize the team with the organization’s goals.

          Plan for Gain and Pain: Create a plan for prioritizing where to spend your 168 hours/week.

          Invest in Yourself and Your Team: Make sure you have sufficient time and money in your project budget to get your team properly trained AND coached.

          Roar Ahead: Become a courageous leader by reading more about being self-aware, authentic and genuine. “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers” ~ Harry S. Truman

          Expect Change: Got trouble? Review your Organizational Process Assets (such as contracts). Create project performance metrics that go beyond just measuring time. Evaluate your individual performance as a courageous leader and adjust as needed.