Essential Ingredients For Nourishing Your Team

Julia Child met Simone Beck, who was writing a French cookbook for Americans with her friend Louisette Bertholle. Beck proposed that Child work with them, to make a cookbook that could appeal to Americans.

Julia would not have been our "French Chef" had she not collaborated with Simone and Louisette to transform their draft of a French cookbook by bringing French cuisine to the American public with her debut cookbook, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking'.

When we look at the synonyms for “nourish”, we find words like feed, nurture, encourage, cultivate, foster, support, collaboration. Aren't these things you want to do for your team?

In this fun and interactive session, you will learn the “recipe” you can use to create a winning culture to boost employee morale and engagement by:

  • Understanding the best ingredients to bring to the table
  • Reviewing the 11 steps it takes to create an excellent team
  • Developing an action plan to make real changes NOW!

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