Excellence in Project Leadership

Excellence in Project Leadership

This workshop takes a deep and insightful look at the topic of project leadership, which is commonly referred to the "art" side of project management. You will explore two distinct yet integrated perspectives: leadership as applied to project oversight responsibilities and the ongoing personal development of a leader. The workshop will emphasize the critical role that the "human relation" side of project management plays in the planning, execution, and control of any size project effort. Utilizing insights and critical distinctions based on varied project management and executive leadership experience, you will be brought face to face with questions about your own leadership effectiveness. This workshop requires "real"and substantive participation that will result in being led through a detailed look at the critical aspects of effective leadership, personal development, coaching-mentoring, managing in a chaotic project environment, proactive and effective communication, and the distinctions of effective personal development as a leader. During this session, you will hear concepts which can dramatically improve your thinking to help you to consciously make faster and well thought out decisions.

Additionally, you will:

  • Learn the critical success factors to leadership in a program-project oversight environment

  • Gain insight into the power and influence positions in effective project leadership

  • Examine the critical success factors and best-practice behaviors in achieving effective and lasting results with coaching and mentoring

  • Understand the many "faces" of leadership and gain insight into the best­ practices and mind-sets inherent in successful leadership models

  • Work with the current models in emotional intelligence and its application to intuitive leadership principles

  • Assess your own effectiveness as a leader and create a personal development plan for future insight, efficiency and success


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