How to Create Extraordinary Success in Any Culture

In an oppressed or volatile culture, how can managers be courageous leaders?  You possess many of the tools you need for personal & professional growth in any culture.  You CAN make a difference even in the midst of volatility and not feel defeated. Learn how to use those tools to make extraordinary leadership success happen.

Learning Objectives:

  • Hear about archetype research results from project managers from 11 countries around the world.
  • Understand ancient archetypal behaviors and how you can use them to excel as a Manager and Leader
  • Sample a unique blend of tools from Project Management, Business Analysis and Coaching to initiate your action plan.
  • Understand an innovative process model for developing a simple plan to achieve your wildly important goals
  • Uncover what could get in your way to achieving your wildly important goals and learn crucial tools to help you do it anyway
  • Create bold actions to make extraordinary success happen

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