Taking Out the Trash: How Agile Can Help You Identify Waste and Start Focusing on Value: MINICOURSE


In-person / Virtual (LIVE online) – 1 hour
PDUs/CDUs - 1


Agile Software Developments Methods continue to grow in popularity as organizations seek to improve their responsiveness to market conditions, lower their risk and increase the value that they provide.  While there are a number of methods that fall within the Agile umbrella including Scrum, Lean Software Development, the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Kanban and others, they each share a common goal – the identification and removal of “waste” within the software development process and the broader organization.   

During this mini course, we will review the types of waste that can exist within the software development process, outline steps to identify them within your organization, and highlight how Agile-based methods can help remove them so that you can begin to deliver working software that people want to use.


Attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the Major Types of Waste within Software Development
  • Describe the reasons why waste exists
  • Identify waste within their organizations
  • Explain how Agile methods can help eliminate waste based on the Agile Manifesto and supporting principles

Pre-requisites: None

Skill Level: Intermediate

Audience: Business Analysts, Project Managers, and anyone interested in improving software and project delivery.


Live online presentation using our Virtual Training GoToWebinar (GTW) technology.  Please note: once you register, you will receive a confirmation email and two reminder emails from GTW with access information, including link.     


Specifically this minicourse describes:                                                                     

  • The Major Types of Waste within Software Development
  • The Reasons why Waste exists
  • Questions to help identify Waste within your Organization
  • How the Agile Manifesto and Principles help you identify and remove Waste

Materials you will receive include: A pdf copy of the presentation, access to a recording of the presentation, and an Areas of Waste Checklist.


NOTE: We are constantly improving our course offerings to ensure the best training possible and to keep you abreast of the latest industry trends. As a result, this outline is subject to change.