Paradigm Comparison: Using Appreciative Inquiry In Business Analysis

paradigm comparison

How can a Business Analyst look for more opportunities rather than focusing on the problems?  I utilize the Appreciative Inquiry Model to turn the negativity of a problem into a more enticing and inspiring opportunity. Appreciative Inquiry offers a compelling alternative–the quest for the best possible situation. In this quest, the focus is on:

  • possibilities, not problems
  • meaningful involvement of people to enable them to contribute their best thinking; attention to learning and generative thinking
  • collaboration and building trusting relationships
  • focus on existing resources and how to make the best use of them

For example, an airline carrier had a “problem”. Their passengers were losing their luggage that resulted in upset customers. Instead of only focusing on the negativity of the "lost luggage" problem, the airline carrier chose to use Appreciative Inquiry to turn the problem into a more positive and compelling opportunity. They created a provocative proposition and asked, “How can we create a positive arrival experience for our customers?”

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