Project Leadership

Six Steps to Plan and Manage Project Problems Before They Happen

Six Steps to Plan and Manage Project Problems Before They Happen

The ability to plan, analyze and mitigate product, project and program obstacles to success and take advantage of opportunities is key to innovation and for delivering highly successful products and services that customers will buy.

7 Tips for Overcoming Negativity

Wherever we turn, it seems like we are confronted by shaking heads, thumbs down, obstacles, brush-offs, and closed doors. “NO” can surround us like a fog that refuses to be burned off by the sun.

Negativity is a problem because it reduces morale and productivity of your team members and increases turnover

How to Use Coaching to Reduce Conflict

Typically people think about coaching when they’re watching some kind of basketball or football or some kind of baseball team, but what we’re talking about here is what is a coach. I’m a certified coach to the International Coach Federation and coaching really is about being able to help people optimize their potential. How I do that with people that I coach, whether I coach them on an individual basis or as a team or I do executive coaching is because first of all, I have to understand where are they at right now, what’s getting in their way of success. What is it that they want to accomplish and how I do that is through active listening.

Developing the Project Charter

When we develop the project charter we are assuming that the project manager is internal to the organization. Oftentimes people confuse a statement of work with a project charter. Let’s clarify this for you. A project charter is the document that is comprehensive and across all of the various components of a project. Say you have multiple phases of a project. This charter is the type of document that can be able to help you be able to manage all the phases of the project because you’re identifying, number one, who is the sponsor, who is the owner of this particular type of project