Project Leadership

Clean Up Your Expectations

April is such a messy and turbulent month in the upper parts of the United States. It’s cold and stormy one day and warm the next. The winter seems to want to hold on until the very last-minute and then suddenly it seems that Spring has sprung.

If April is messy outside your doors, there could also be a mess greeting you inside your home or work too. Maybe the mess is easy to see because it shows up as clutter on your desk or a disarranged bookshelf.  Perhaps the mess is project you are working on that is not going as well as you had hoped. Maybe the mess is in your heart because you are disappointed that you can’t find that job you want or can’t move ahead in your career

Developing the Project Charter

When we develop the project charter we are assuming that the project manager is internal to the organization. Oftentimes people confuse a statement of work with a project charter. Let’s clarify this for you. A project charter is the document that is comprehensive and across all of the various components of a project. Say you have multiple phases of a project. This charter is the type of document that can be able to help you be able to manage all the phases of the project because you’re identifying, number one, who is the sponsor, who is the owner of this particular type of project