Taking Agile Beyond Software


In-person classes – 1 day
PDUs/CDUs - 7


This one-day course offers an overview of agile adaptive and iterative methodologies particularly as they apply to organizations contemplating how to integrate iterative and adaptive methods with traditional project management perspectives.


An understanding of traditional project management processes and framework

Skill Level: Advanced


Business Process Owners, Product Owners, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Consultants, Trainers


The class focus is on games and exercises that, while evangelizing the Agile message, critically question whether or not these methods will work for your organization and products.


Topics covered include

  • Agile Project Charters
  • Maintaining focus on producing value
  • Keeping your eye on the deliverable
  • Revisioning stakeholders
  • Specializing generalists and generalized specialists
  • Product Planning
  • Iteration Planning
  • When the heck will it be done?
  • Monitoring progress


NOTE: We are constantly improving our course offerings to ensure the best training possible and to keep you abreast of the latest industry trends. As a result, this outline is subject to change.