Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving

This workshop combines creative and analytical approaches to problem solving and enhances participants' critical thinking skills. You will improve your ability to separate fact from inference when defining problems. Emphasis is placed on selecting relevant problem solving processes for individual situations. You will understand and apply a model that allows you to tackle a range of managerial problems. In groups and individually, you will learn to apply course techniques to actual on-the-job problems, thereby taking a more powerful role in decisions affecting you at work. During this session, you will hear concepts which can dramatically improve your thinking to help you to consciously make faster and well thought out decisions.

Additionally, you will:

  • Create an environment where problems are expected, accepted and addressed efficiently and systematically.

  • Provide participants with a methodology for resolving problems.

  • Create a database of information available on an organizational-wide basis that assists all employees in solving workplace problems.

  • Increase the overall confidence level of employees in recognizing, managing, and resolving workplace problems.

  • Provide participants with the skill sets necessary to resolve problems.


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