Tips for Dealing with the Stress of Preparing to take a CBAP or CCBA Exam

exam stress

When studying to pass any sophisticated exam like the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) CBAP or CCBA exam, you can use the following tips to reduce your stress.

#1 Tip!!  - Pick a Target Test Date to plan for taking the exam. Go to to look for a location, date and time that might work for you and use it as a target test date. 

·         Create a study plan BEFORE you study: Schedule every action you will take to prepare  in your calendar and adjust as needed. 

·         Make the unknown – known: Understand the source of your fear and nervousness. Ask others who have taken the exam about any questions you might have. 

·         Reframe the purpose of the exam: It is not an exam determining if you are a failure or not. The exam is simply meant to test your level of knowledge.

·         Don’t aim for perfection: You need approximately 75% to pass the exam so shoot for 80%.

·         Do sample exams with an exam simulator: Choose a product for its reputation of success rather than being the lowest cost. You get what you pay for.

·         Change your mind-set: Break the habit of thinking success is good and failure is bad. Failure often times comes before success. Block or change persistent negative thoughts into positive affirmations.

·         Manage the risks: Practice taking a simulated exam as if you were taking the REAL Exam. Practice taking a break . If possible, visit the exam location to understand the exam environment.

·         Ask for help and support: Get a study buddy (anyone who can read can become a study buddy) or into a study group.

·         Just do it! You will never FEEL ready to take the exam so use your plan and take the exam!

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